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Robe FOG 1600 FT
FOG 1600 FT is the perfect solution for productions needing intensive effects.
Robe FAZE 1050 FT
1050 FT™ is equipped with the quietest pump allowing virtually silent operation, great for noise-sensitive events
Robe HAZE 400 FT
The Haze 400 FT™ has an internal, maintenance-free air compressor, a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism and a specially designed liquid tank, together with two haze nozzles
Robe HAZE 500 FT Pro
ROBE proudly unveils its latest Hazer - the HAZE 500 FT PRO™ - to the entertainment industry with great enthusiasm.
Robe X1 FT PRO
ROBE X1 FT PRO is a new, unified machine capable to quickly produce strong powerful fog or layer of even, thin haze, combining Fog and Faze operation into a single unit, make it ideal for universal operation even in large venues
Robe FOG Fluids
FOG Fluids come in three different types
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