0.00 EUR
Skatīt vienlaicīgi:
Casio SA-46
32 taustiņi, 100 tembri, 50 ritmi, 10 dziesmas, 5 bungu skaņu taustiņi
Casio SA-76
44 taustiņi, 100 tembru, 50 ritmu, 10 dziesmu, 5 bungu skaņu taustiņi
75.00 EUR
Casio CTK-240
49 taustiņi, 100 tembru, 100 ritmu, 50 dziesmu, divi 1,6 W skaļruņi
99.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-F51
61 taustiņš, 120 tembri, 114 pavadījuma stili, 30 dziesmas, 32 nošu polifonija, 3,4 kg
99.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-E253
61 taustiņš, 385 tembri, 100 stilu, 102 iebūvētas dziesmas, 32 nošu polifonija
149.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-E353
61 taustiņš, 573 tembri, 158 stili, 150 arpēdžiju tipi, 154 iebūvētas dziesmas, 32 nošu polifonija, USB
199.00 EUR
Yamaha NP-12
61 taustiņš, 550 tembru, 136 stilu, 102 iebūvētas dziesmas61 taustiņš, 550 tembru, 136 stilu, 102 iebūvētas dziesmas
209.00 EUR
Yamaha EZ-220
61 touch-sensitive keyboard with lighted keys, Perfect learn-to-play keyboard.
209.00 EUR
Yamaha NP-32B
Simple, stylish, and portable piano-style keyboard. 61 keys.
319.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-E453
61 taustiņš, 758 tembri, 48 balsu polifonija, 220 stilu, USB audio, USB MIDI
325.00 EUR
Yamaha NP-V60
More than just a keyboard, this stunningly slim and lightweight piano is filled with versatility thanks to nearly 500 Voices and 160 Styles.
379.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-EW400
The flagship model in the PSR-E series is built for playing live. Easy-to-use professional features, 76-key touch response keyboard, new Live! Grad Piano Voice, computer and external storage connectivity, and L/R outputs for connecting to a PA system.
425.00 EUR
Yamaha NP-V80
A greater variety of Voices and an enhanced speaker system is paired with the Intelligent Arpeggiator and a USB-TO-DEVICE port.
429.00 EUR
Roland BK-3BK
Backing Keyboard, 61 keys, black
459.00 EUR
Roland BK-3WH
Backing Keyboard, 61 keys,balts
459.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-S670
A new generation of Arranger Workstation With a stunning design, new Voices and Styles and DJ functions, the PSR-S670 is a performance keyboard like no other.
679.00 EUR
Roland BK-5
Backing Keyboard, 61 keys, black
819.00 EUR
Roland BK-7M
Portable backing module compatible with MIDI-capable pianos, keyboards, accordions, organs
959.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-S770
The PSR-S770 is equipped with a host of powerful performance features, flexible audio playback functions and a Mic/Guitar input, making it ideal for live use on stage, in the studio or at home.
1,049.00 EUR
Roland BK-9
Backing Keyboard, 76 keys, black
1,849.00 EUR
Yamaha PSR-S970
61 taustiņš, 989 tembri, 450 pavadošo stilu, 5 dziesmas, 128 balsu polifonija, USB, MP3, mikrofona / līnijas ieeja
1,849.00 EUR
Yamaha S90XS
88 weighted keys with Hammer Effect, AWM2 tone generator with expanded articulation, 128-note polyphony, 1,024 preset normal voices plus 64 drum kits, 128 GM voices + 1 drum kit
2,499.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros 5-61
61 touch-responsive keys with aftertouch, 128-note polyphony, 1279 voices + 480 XG voices + 37 drum/SFX kits, Ensemble Voices, Organ World
3,989.00 EUR
Yamaha Tyros 5-76
The Power of Reality An outstanding performance keyboard, with authentic sounds, effects, realistic accompaniment, and a new 76-key keyboard that extends your expressive range and allows you to make the most of the Tyros5's outstanding performance features.
4,189.00 EUR
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